Terms and Conditions

Book with elegance on jpod.my

JPOD Capsule Hotel guarantees to provide the lowest room rate available on jpod.my. This guarantee is subject to the following terms and conditions:

• Guests must have a confirmed reservation booked online on jpod.my and must quote their confirmation number when making a claim.
• Claims must be submitted within 24 hours of the confirmed reservation booked online on jpod.my.
• Both the original JPOD Capsule Hotel online booking room rate and the competing rate must include the exact same inclusions, such as meals, transportation, and other services.
• The competing rate must be available for booking with the exact matching booking requirements and cancellation policy as the original JPOD Capsule Hotel online booking. This includes the same hotel, the same number of guests, the same room type, and the same arrival and departure dates.
• JPOD Capsule Hotel will convert any competing rate offered in a different currency than the rate made available through the JPOD Capsule Hotel website and may deny claims if the difference between the rates is due to exchange rate fluctuations.

This Guarantee does not apply to:

• Opaque or auction sites where the hotel brand and/or the specific hotel are not known until booking is finalized. Examples of these types of sites include, but are not limited to, Priceline and Hotwire.
• Websites that offer bundled travel, entertainment, hotel, or food components, such as airfare and hotel stay, hotel stay and car rental, hotel stay and restaurant voucher, etc.
• Packaged rates that include taxes, service charges, meals, coupons, parking, services, or other amenities.
• Qualified discount rates, including, but not limited to, Government, Travel Industry Discounts, Long Stay, etc.
• Unpublished, negotiated rates with corporations, travel agencies, groups, associations, or other rates that are specifically agreed upon by JPOD Capsule Hotel, or rates not available to the general public, including rates requiring memberships in a club, affinity program, or other organization where the rates are specifically made available to a specific group of individuals.
• JPOD Capsule Hotel's Best Rate Guarantee cannot be combined with other offers or promotions (including coupon promotions) and is void where prohibited by law.
• Best Rate Guarantee claims may be declined if the difference between the rates is less than one percent (1%).

This Guarantee applies only to the room rate for the duration of the reservation and does not apply to taxes, gratuities, guest incidental charges, food and beverage charges, resort fees, or any other fees or charges that may be incurred during the guest's stay.

JPOD Capsule Hotel has the sole right and discretion to determine the validity of any claim, including determining that the competing rate is genuinely available and that the claim meets all terms and conditions. In case of dispute, JPOD Capsule Hotel's decision is final.

Please be aware that this Guarantee is subject to change or revocation at any time.